Dormitory Chairmen Who Failed to Report Yesterday Must do so This Afternoon at Crimson

The drive for undergraduate subscriptions to the University Endowment Fund, which will begin throughout the College tomorrow morning, will be launched at a meeting for all chairmen and their committees in the Living Room of the Union at 7.30 o'clock tonight. It is especially important that the personnel of all committee shall have been selected by the dormitory chairmen and be present at this meeting as at this time the details of the campaign will be explained by Mr. John Richardson '08 of the Boston Executive Committee.

For the general supervision of the drive, the following class chairmen have been selected: 1921, P. Hofer; 1922, D. McK. Key; 1923, J. G. Flint; 1924, F. T. Baldwin. A. Houghton '21 is general chairman.

Must Report This Afternoon.

The following dormitory chairmen should report without fail to Houghton at the CRIMSON between 4.45 and 6 o'clock today. Beck,  S. C. Richmond '21 Conant,  H. D. White '21 Divinity,  C. F. Dean '21 Dunster,  W. J. Banes '22 34 Dunster Street,  F. W. McVeagh '21 54 Dunster,  A. V. Grant '21 Fairfax,  J. A. Hassler ocC. Grays,  N. L. Hatch '21 Hastings,  W. S. Smith '21 Holyoke,  G. D. Chase, Jr. '21 68 Holyoke Street,  M. B. Wright '22 5-7 Linden Street,  H. R. Atkinson '21 68 Mt. Auburn Street,  M. Bradlee '22 Perkins,  W. L. Hoose '21 Stoughton,  J. N. White '21

These men, besides reporting this afternoon are expected to be present at the meeting tonight also, with their committees with them.


As has been previously announced the main effort of canvassers will be to secure a 100 per cent, enrolment among the students. In this way the undergraduate feeling will be shown in such a way as to produce the greatest stimulus to subscriptions from graduates. Large subscriptions in the College will, however, be welcomed, and it is expected that the total will help considerably toward reaching the final goal of the Endowment Fund.

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