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At a meeting of the Athletic Committee held recently, announcement was made of the award of insignia to the first and second University football teams, the Freshman football team, the University and 1924 soccer teams, and the squash racquets team.

The following men were awarded their "H's" for participation in the Harvard-Yale game:

W. G. Brooker '21, J. F. Brown '22, C. C. Buell '23, W. H. Churchill '23, J. Crocker '22, H. H. Faxon '21, R. L. Finley '21, R. W. Fitts '23, J. J. Fitzgerald '23, J. Gaston '21, M. Gratwick '22, A. D. Hamilton '21, C. F. Havemeyer '21, A. Horween '21 (captain), W. D. Hubbard '22, R. S. Humphrey '21, F. J. Johnson '22, R. K. Kane '22, C. C. Macomber '22, G. Owen '23, R. M. Sedgwick '21, C. A.

Tierney '22, J. R. Tolbert '22, T. S. Woods '21 and J. S. Sessions '21 (manager).

The following men were awarded their "H 2nds":

D. Angier' 22, F. B. Bernnan '23, H. W. Clark' '23, A. J. Conlon '22, (captain), J. G. Cronin '22, M. P. Davis '21, R. W. Gratwick '21, J. M. Hartley '23, F. H. Hovey Jr. '22, B. A. Hunneman '22, H. C. Janin '22, J. E. Kennedy '23, C. C. Lee '23, C. J. Mason.'22, W. V. Miller '23, S. P. Moorehead '22, C. F. Peters '22, F. T. Pratt '23, C. M. Rubin '22, G. A. Saxton '23, M. W. Self '23, P. K. Thomas ocC., H. Townsend '22, E. D. Weatherhead '22 and Gardner Forster '21 (manager).

The following Freshmen were awarded their numerals for participation in the Yale game:

C. Bigelow, S. Bradford, C. B. Cooper, W. E. Crosby, J. L. Donovan, E. L. Gehrke, L. Gorden R. B. Greene, H. S. Grew, P. Hamilten, B. M. Henry, A. L. Hobson, D. S. Holder (captain), W. P. Howe, C. J. Hubbard, H. S. Hubbard, P. Jenkins, F. K. Kernon, L. C. Larrabee, J. J. Lee, L. B. Lockwood, E. K. McCagg, J. E. Merrill, M. Morse, L. R. Nichols, R. Pantaleni, K. S. Pfaffman, A. S. Rogers, F. Schwarz, P. S. Sprague, R. C. Storey, and C. Lamount (manager).

The following men were awarded their letters for participation in the Yale-Harward soccer game:

E. E. Allen '21, G. N. Carpenter '21, W. L. Cummings '21, E. J. Damon '21, W. C. Heizer '23, W. C. Heath '22, J. N. Macoy '22, C. E. Masters '21 (captain), A. K. Murray '23, G. M. Palmer Jr. '21, J. M. Phillips '22, A. C. Weaver Occ., H. J. Williams '23 and Havon Parker '22 (manager).

The Freshman soceer team did not play Yale, but the following men played all during the season, and on this basis, in the opinion of the coach, captain and manager, are entitled to their numerals:

J. Begg, L. F. Brigham, H. Eldridge, F. T. Floete, H. Finber, R. M. C. Greenidge, L. W. Keyes (captain), J. Molina, W. N. Tuttle, A. J. Bylngton, K. T. Hutchinson, F. Seamans, J. F. McMullin and H. B. Tyler (manager).

The following members of the Harvard squash racquets team played all through the season, and although they did not play Yale in this sport, they did meet Yale in squash tennis, a branch of squash racquets, and on this basis were awarded their letters:

Malcolm Bradlee, '22, H. C. Janin '22, D. McK, Key '22. P. E. Jackson '21, A. Houghton '21

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