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By Eliot Wadsworth, Chairman, Executive Committee, Harvard Endowment Fund.

I am delighted to hear that the Undergraduates of Harvard have joined with the Graduates in the Endowment Fund Campaign.

This Campaign was undertaken to meet the financial crisis which faced the University. Every Harvard man in the world has been asked to help. Those who are now in College are Harvard men just as much as the Graduates--more so, in fact. They are now at the closest point of their affiliation.

It is one of the traditions of Harvard men that they should back the College up in all its activities. We back all the teams--feel jubilant if they win, depressed if they lose; we back the publications, the Student Council, the many other activities in which over 3000 Undergraduates are interested. We do this for one reason, namely, that we believe in Harvard and want her to succeed.

The Endowment Fund Campaign is Harvard's greatest contest. President Lowell said last year at Commencement that the gifts received had saved the University from bankruptcy. That was the first half of the Campaign. We are now in the second half and every man must play his part.

There are few Harvard men who cannot spare something. The cost of a shoe-shine, the cost of a theatre ticket, the cost of an automobile tire, or even the cost of an automobile and its keep, each one will measure what he can do by his own individual situation. Every one should do the greatest amount that he is possibly capable of doing Our job is to make Harvard win this particular contest. There is no cheering section--we are all on the Team.

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