Over 143 students have signified their intention of attending the first monthly dinner of the University Tennis Club, which will be held this evening in the Trophy Room of the Union at 6.10. R. N. Williams 2nd '16, honorary president of the club and twice national champion of the United States, will speak on some of his tennis experiences while travelling around the world on Davis Cup teams. He also captained the University tennis team for two years, and together with C. S. Garland won the world's doubles championship at Wimbledon last June.

Will Read Constitution

I. A. de Turenne '21, president of the United States Intercollegiate Tennis Association and University tennis captain, will also talk and introduce the speaker. The club constitution, setting forth the purposes of the organization, will also be read at the dinner.

Only members of the University Tennis Club will be admitted. Any student may join the club by paying the entrance fee of one dollar to any of the officers or at Weld 13 or at the door of the Trophy Room of the Union at six o'clock. The meeting will close early so as not to interfere with any evening engagement.

Plan Spring Tournament


This is the first of a series of dinners planned by the University Tennis Club. Other players of national reputation who will address the club in the near future include W. T. Tilden, N. W. Niles, B. C. Wright '05 and R. Harte '17. Among the many activities planned by the club is a spring tennis tournament, open only to members, for which suitable prizes will be offered.