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W. H. Watkins carried off the honors in the Columbia freshman election when he was elected President of the class for the ensuing year by a large majority. W. H. Dillingham was elected to the class vice-presidency while S. Knebel was chosen Secretary. A. D. Andrews was elected Treasurer.


Sir Auckland Geddes, British ambassador at Washington, will visit Cornell University as the guest of the British American Club of Cornell on February 18.

A review of the entire R. O. T. C. will take place in the afternoon in honor of the visitor. He will be entertained at a banquet to be given in his honor at the Dutch Kitchen by the members of the British-American Club. The staff of the ambassador will accompany him on the visit.

More than 50 undergraduates answered Coach Bawlf's call for hockey candidates at Cornell. Among the number registered for the sport were several of last year's team, including Barker, Finn and Thornton.

The coach was agreeably surprised at the number and will begin practice immediately. The squad will report daily for conditioning workouts at Schoellkopf. Gymnasium work and running will be part of the preliminary program till the ice rinks are ready. Two dozen hockey sticks have been ordered and as soon as these arrive the men will be instructed in the fundamentals of shooting, passing and general stick-work.


At a meeting of the Pennsylvania Undergraduate Council recently, measures were adopted regarding the conduct of students in regard to kidnapping and class fights. The Council absolutely forbade kidnapping previous to any function other than authorized class fights, and defined the manner in which kidnapping may be effected in the case of the regular class fights.

The regulation of class fights also came before the attention of the Council. A resolution was adopted providing that no fights of any kind will be permitted in any of the university buildings.


A. W. Joslyn of Detroit, Mich., was elected Class Day President at a meeting of the Senior class at Williams last Friday. At the same time, C. C. Noble of Newton Highlands was chosen Permanent Class Secretary and J. W. Codding Jr. of Towanda, Pa., and H. M. Ufford of Elmira, N. Y., Class Marshals. The members of the Class Day Committee were elected as follows: J. C. Baker Jr. of Great Neck, N. Y.; H. Bullock of Denver, Colo.; R. S. Carr of Toledo, O.; F. W. Fulle of Montclair, N. J.; and D. M. Irwin Jr. of Buffalo, N. Y.

Sixty-four percent of the men in Williams College have received warnings for low scholastic rank in one or more studies during the first term. This is an increase of five percent over last year; 21 percent of the men in college received three or more warnings and five of the men have entirely failed in four courses. Seventy-five men were rendered ineligible for fall athletics on account of their standing.

M. I. T.

Simmons College was the recipient of a concert by the M. I. T. Musical Clubs Friday night. A dance was held after the concert. During the evening several specialty acts were put on. The attendance was good and the applause seemed to indicate that the concert was appreciated.

A complete program of the concerts to be given on the trip has been made out. The men will meet at the Brooklyn Academy of Music at 7.30 o'clock on the night of December 27. The trip will include Philadelphia and Washington.

G. Atahualpa '22, who comes from Brazil, was elected Technology soccer captain for 1921 at a team meeting last Saturday afternoon. Atahualpa has played soccer all his life and is regarded as one of the best intercollegiate fullbacks.

R. M. Homberg '23 and J. E. Hoffman '23 are possibilities for next year's soccer manager. The manager will be elected at the first A. A. meeting next term.


Princeton's chance to capture the intercollegiate soccer championship was lost Thursday, when Penn broke the deadlock of two straight ties and won the second post-seasonal game, played at the Merion Cricket Club by a score of 4 to 2. The Tigers were in the lead at the end of the first half, but Penn came back with a rush which swept them off their feet. The contest is unique in being the single example of a second play-off recorded in an intercollegiate soccer.


The question has been recently brought up at Yale of effecting the formation of an Intercollegiate Billiard Association. The speaker pointed out that at the general conference instituted by the I. C. A. A. A. A. several years ago to debate the framing of a general amateur definition, the game of billiards had been included.

Princeton has several times attempted to establish an intercollegiate tournament. It was more in the way of an invitation affair and Brown and Harvard were represented.

The formal launching of a tournament has been started at the University of Michigan. A special room equipped with twenty-four tables, was arranged there last season with Al Taylor, the professional as coach, and from time to time leading amateurs have given exhibitions

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