Williams Defeated by University Mermen Saturday by 36-17 Score

Williams was defeated in the dual swimming meet with the University mermen last Saturday night in the Boston Y.M.C.A. tank, the final score being 36-17. A. H. Brackett '22 was the individual point-winner, taking both the 50 and 100 yards events, while A. Levy, Jr., '21, starred in the diving. The summary follows:

50-yd.--Won by Brackett '22; Worcester '22, second; Garvin, Williams, third. Time--26 3-5s.

220-yd.--Won by Wilcox, Williams; Stoddard '21, second; Truman, Williams, third. Time--3m. 7 4-5s.

Diving--Won by Levy '21; Knox '21, second; Moore, Williams, third. Winner's points, 105.

100-yd.--Won by Brackett '22; Worcester '22, second; Richardson, Williams, third. Time--1m. 4 3-5s.


Plunge--Won by Fuller, Williams; Jones, Williams, second; Tishman '21, third. Distance--61 feet.

Relay race--Harvard (Tilton, Mott-Smith, Worcester, Brackett), defeated Williams (Garvin, Truman, Wilcox, Henderson). Time--1m. 53 3-5s.