In spite of the cold on the board track yesterday afternoon, the University runners had a brisk practice in preparation for the relay race with Yale at the games to be held under the auspices of the New York Athletic Club next Saturday evening, February 21. Coach Donovan has entered the following men for the relay race: H. D. Costigan '20, E. T. Doherty '21, A. W. Douglass '21, W. F. Goodell '21, W. H. Goodwin '20, J. A. McCarthy '22, and Captain D. F. O'Connell '21. From this list of entries the four men who are to make the trip will be selected either tomorrow or Thursday.

A large number of men from the University and Freshman squads are entered for the American Legion Games to be held on Monday, February 23, in the Boston Armory. In addition to the men now entered, several more are to be selected on Wednesday to compete in this meet. The American Legion games offer every man who has been running regularly an opportunity for competition, since the members of both the University and 1923 squads may compete, while all unclassified men may also run unattached.

Intensive track practice for the coming triangular meet in which the University will meet Cornell and Dartmouth at Mechanics Hall on February 28 has also been started by the University squad. For this meet a program of ten events has been announced by the management. The same number of events will be held by the A.A.U. in their New England Championship meet on the same night, and these will be run in between the events held by the three colleges.

The nucleus of Cornell's team will be formed by Captain K. A. Mayer, Walker Smith, Jack Watt, and Thomas C. McDermott. The University's entrants will center around Captain D. F. O'Connell '21, E. O. Gourdin '20, W. M. Goodwin '20, R. Church '22, C. G. Krogness '21, A. W. Douglass '21, J. A. McCarthy '22, and B. Wharton '22.

Cornell's Mainstays.


Smith and Watt will run for Cornell in the hurdles. Smith won first place in both the high and low hurdles at the Intercollegiate games here last spring, while Watt finished second in each event. Captain Mayer will be Cornell's mainstay in both the 600 and 1000-yard runs. In the last Intercollegiate games he took first place in both the 440 and 880-yard dashes. The feature of the meet is expected to be the mile run, when Captain O'Connell opposes Thomas McDermott, Cornell's veteran.

Cornell's relay team will be picked from Mayer, Smith, Watt, Gately, John, and Wells, the last three being new men. The University will pick its relay team from O'Connell, Douglass, Goodwin, McCarthy, Chute, and H. D. Costigan '20. In the high jump Krogness of the University track team will oppose Ramsey of Cornell, with whom he was tied for fourth place in the Intercollegiate meet last spring. No entrants have yet been announced by Dartmouth.

The program of events follows:

1--40-yard dash.

2--45-yard hurdles.

3--One-mile run.

4--300-yard dash.

5--600-yard dash.

6--1923 390-yard relay race.

7--1000-yard dash.

8--University 390-yard relay race.

9--High jump.


A shield will be given to the winning team and medals will be awarded to the winners of the individual events. If this meet is successful, it is probable that it will be made a permanent annual event with which to close the winter track season for the three colleges.

One side of the grandstand at Mechanics Hall has been reserved for Dartmouth supporters, while the opposite side has been held for backers of the University team. One end of the hall is being reserved for Cornell. Tickets for the meet were placed on sale yesterday at Leavitt and Peirce's and the H.A.A., and application blanks have been mailed to University graduates within a radius of 50 miles of Boston. The prices are $3 for seats on the stage, $2 for seats on the floor, $2 for the first row in the balcony, $1 for other rows in the balcony, and 50 cents for general admission.