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That it is the duty of every Harvard Republican to support Major-General Leonard Wood '80 as Presidential candidate is the belief expressed by Professor Albert Bushnell Hart '80 of the Department of History. The reasons which he gives in favor of General Wood are, in part, as follows:

"Wood is a Harvard man, and Harvard men are accustomed to make good. Furthermore, he is a double-barrelled Harvard man. He graduated from the medical school, and he was made an honorary member of the Class of 1880, a distinction which few men are fortunate enough to receive.

"Second, he is a man of varied experience; he has been a professional man, a soldier and an administrator. He combines science, defense, and executive power. These are the three elements most necessary in the handling of American affairs.

"Look at General Wood's face and you will know that he is a big man. You see there the signs of experience and thought, intelligence and strength of character. For we must not forget that General Wood has handled large affairs. It is he who was responsible for the reconstruction of Cuba. In short, he is a man of the world, accustomed to deal with big men."

Patriotism Shown in the War.

"As for his patriotism, his unhappy experience in the war is good evidence. Because, beginning in 1915, he insisted that the United States must have a trained body of officers, he was reprimanded and disgraced by the high military officials. The Plattsburg camps owe their existence chiefly to him. "Furthermore, General Wood is a man who can work in harness with other people; a man who makes his decisions only after consultations with others. As a President he would never think that he could govern the people of the United States without the aid of other minds. He makes friends and associates of those who are to carry out his policy instead of antagonizing them.

"What the country needs is another man of Roosevelt's type. General Wood is the only candidate before the public who resembles Theodore Roosevelt in his grip on affairs and determined disposition to put things through. He is an American of high intellectual and administrative type. He is a man to do things, and at the same time to hold back from doing wrong things.

"If Leonard Wood were a graduate of Yale or the University of Wisconsin or the University of California he would have behind him a solid body of the Republican graduates of his college. Because he represents the true spirit of Harvard, he should have the support of every Harvard Republican

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