Tonight at 8 o'clock the Hon. Franklin D. Roosevelt '04, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, will commence his lecture on "The Americanization of Government Affairs" in the Living Room of the Union. He will be introduced by Professor Roger B. Merriman '96 of the History Department.

Mr. Roosevelt arrives in Boston today in time for a meeting of the Board of Overseers at 2 o'clock, after which he will be escorted out to Cambridge by several members of the Governing Board of the Union. He leaves for New York tonight at 12 o'clock and will proceed to Washington tomorrow. Mr. Roosevelt was in Portsmouth, N. H., yesterday, inspecting the naval yards there.

Preceding his talk at the Union Mr. Roosevelt will be given a dinner by the editors of the CRIMSON, of which he is a former president. The guests who have accepted invitations to the dinner are; President A. Lawrence Lowell, Matthew Luce '91, regent of the University; Professor Roger B. Merriman '96, of the History Department; Frederick L. Allen '12, Secretary of the Corporation; Edward A. Whitney '17, David M. Little, Jr., '18, Franklin E. Parker, Jr., '18, George C. Barclay '19, and George A. Brownell '19. The last five of these are all former presidents of the CRIMSON. These guests and the present editors of the CRIMSON will make up a complement of nearly 50 people who will attend the dinner.

Plan for capacity house

Secretary Roosevelt is expected to talk on the work of the naval department during the war, and will lay special emphasis on the place of the college graduate in governmental affairs. Throughout the war he was assistant secretary of the navy, and during Mr. Daniels' many absence from Washington Mr. Roosevelt was Acting Secretary, so that this experience has given him a clear insight into the subject which he has chosen.


Anticipating that his lecture will attract a large audience of members, the management of the Union is making preparations to fill the Living Room to its capacity of 800.

This talk tonight is the first of a series by Harvard graduates who are scheduled to speak at the Union is the near future on government affairs. Colonel Arthur Woods '92, Police Commissioner of New York City, will talk on "College Men in Governmental Affairs" some time to Major-General Leonard Wood, M. D., 84, and Colonel Theodore Roosevelt '09, of the New York Assembly, are expected to speak in April on subjects to be announced soon.