Winning a 4 to 3 victory over the Boston All-Stars at the Pavilion on Saturday night, the University hockey team showed a better brand of hockey than in any game so far this season and added one more victory to their string of six in succession. Although the All-Stars were individually faster and more experienced, the team-work of the Crimson was the deciding factor in the hard-fought match.

Every man on the University sextet was playing his best hockey and working hard to keep in his position, with the result that the one-man attacks of the All-Stars broke up against the combinations that they had to pass. Both N. S. Walker, Jr., '20, and J. Stubbs '20 did excellent work on the defense, while J. Holmes '21 in goal made a number of remarkable stops.

R. W. Emmons, 3rd, '20, was the high-scoring man of the evening with three goals to his credit, while Bigelow tallied

the other of the University's scores, Downing for the All-Stars was one of the hardest workers on the ice, and , although he slipped through the Crimson several times for a clear shot at the goal, he only managed to score once. G. A. Percy '18 had an off night and failed to come up to the standard of the rest of the Boston players.

Emmons made the first score of the evening on an intercepted pass which he carried up to the All-Star goal for a shot which slipped by Donahue waist high. Three minutes later Irving Small in the Boston defense made the final tally for the first period when the took a long-distance shot from directly in front of the Crimson goal which flashed in by Holmes at full speed.


For the rest of the period most of the play took place in mid-rink, as the defense on both teams was too good to let the puck stay long around the goals. Several All-Star substitutes were sent in, and Geran, at centre for Synott, showed up well with fast skating and unusually clever stick-work. C. W. Baker, Jr., '22, and N. B. W. Snelling '21, were the only University substitutes, relieving the wings for the last few minutes of the opening half.

About five minutes after the gong sounded for the second period Tuck got away and carried the puck down the rink for a shot at close range. Holmes stopped it, but Downing followed Tuck in and poked the rubber away to put the All-Stars in the lead. Emmons tied the score immediately afterward when he and E. L. Bigelow '21 carried the puck down the ice and Emmons shot it in from the side. Bigelow followed him 15 seconds later on a pass out from behind the goal which put the Crimson ahead.

Seven minutes after the start of play Hutchinson, who started the half at centre for the All-Stars, tied the score again on a peculiar shot that bounced into the net over Holmes' stick. The winning tally came on another queer shot when Emmons shot out from behind the All-Stars' goal. The puck hit Donahue's skate and bounced into the cage, but there was some question as to whether it had gone through a hole in the netting or if it had slipped in from the front.

The summary:

HARVARD.  ALL-STARS.Bacon, Snelling, r.w.  r.w., PercyBigelow, c c., Synott, Geran, HutchinsonEmmons, Baker, r.w.  l.w., DowningWalker, c.p.  cp., Small, Murchie, GeranStubbs, p.  p., Tuck, Murchie, GeranHolmes, g.  g., Donahu