Easily leaving the University and Yale swimmers in their wake, the Technology swimming team won team and individual honors in the New England Intercollegiate Swimming Meet held in the Boston Y; M. C. A. Saturday afternoon and evening. Sidney Biddell scored 10 of Technology's 16 1-2 points; Yale gathered 9 1-2 points from a scattering of third and fourth places, while the University placed third with nine points, six of which were tallied by A. H. Brackett '22. Williams College won fourth with 8 points.

In the fifty-yard dash, Brackett, who had won his heat in the afternoon, was barely outdistanced by Damon of Amherst. In the one hundred yard dash, although Brackett had entirely outclassed the other entries in the first heat, he was unable to recover from Biddell, the Tech star, the lead which the latter seized in the first few yards of the race. A splendid spurt in the last lap brought Brackett up to the engineer's shoulder, but failed to win him the race.

Diving Events Best Ever.

In the opinion of the judges, the diving events were the best that had ever been run off in the Y. M. C. A. tank. Lawton, of Brown, who had with difficulty squeezed into fourth place in the trials in the afternoon, came to his own in the evening and won first place from A. Levy '21 by a margin of 3.2 points.

The summary:


50-yard dash. - Damon, Amherst; Brackett, Harvard; Lawton, Brown; Tyler, Yale.

100-yard dash.-Biddell, Tech; Brackett, Harvard; Townsend, Yale; Trowbridge, Tech.

Dive.-Lawton; Brown; Levy, Harvard; Pollard, Yale.

In the 1923 meet between Harvard and Yale, the Crimson swimmers were left far in the rear by the Eli team, which won first and third place in every event. The score was 40 to 5.