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The remainder of the preliminary bouts for the Boxing Carnival to be held at Brattle Hall on March 25, will be run off this afternoon at Hemenway Gymnasium at 4 o'clock. In the first-round bouts held Wednesday afternoon, nine men were eliminated, which brings the preliminary matches to the semi-final round today.

In the 125-lb, class, R. R. Bentley '21 and D. Treanor '23 will battle for a place in the finals, to meet H. J. Freedman '23, who won twice on Wednesday. F. J. Fox '22 and A. Divicq Unc. are already in the final round in the 115-lb. class, as are G. Connelly '21 and J. O. Stubbs '21 in the 135-lb. class. Two bouts will be held in the 145-lb class to decide who will go into the finals. A. Gaglio '23 and D. E. Brown '21 will meet for three rounds, and T. Story Unc and J. K. McLeod '1G are also scheduled to hold a bout, the winner of each to meet the night of the Carnival. Both the 160-lb. and 175 lb. classes have reached the semi-final stage. T. Coolidge '23, and G. L. Wrenn '20 will meet to decide who will go against E. D. Weatherhead '22 next week for the honors in the 160-lb. class. Similarly, W. K. Clark Unc. and J. F. Kelly Unc. will also stage a bout to determine which of the two will encounter P. D. Steele '20 next Thursday night.

R. M. Sedgwick '21 and H. J. Townsend '22 are still the only competitors in the heavyweight class.

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