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Wanted: An Acute Audience.


"Passionate, exaggerated, emotional, primitive justice."

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Will Mr. Rosenblatt define exaggerated justice and state wherein it differs from injustice?

Will he define emotional justice, and state wherein it differs from revenge?

Has he ever reflected that even the most primitive justice makes some attempt to disassociate itself from emotion, and that the extent to which it succeeds is the measure of civilization?

Neither of his letters makes any definite statement, save that he is not surprised--an assertion with which I have no quarrel; he only implies by turns (a) that a lynching mob should not be punished by law, (b) that, apart from the question of whether they should be punished or not, they are normal citizens, acting from good motives. Both these doctrines seemed to me too mischievous to pass unchallenged; and I attacked them with arguments which he gives no sign of having read, and certainly has not answered. But when I read in his second letter of the "fundamental concept of emotional justice" and the "primal law of harmony," I realize the futility of trespassing further on your columnss. Mr. Rosenblatt and I do not speak the same language. SYDNEY FAIRBANKS IL.

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