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Establishment of the Graduate School of Education which will open next September has been definitely voted by the Governing Boards of the University.

Henry Wyman Holmen, now professor of Education in the University, has been elected Dean. Dean Holmes was graduated from the University in the class of 1903, winning his degree magna cum laude. He took his A. M. in 1904. For the next two years he was principal of Edward Devotion School in Brookline, afterwards going to the Boston High School of Commerce to serve as head of the English Department. Since 1907 he has been a member of the University' teaching staff, first as instructor in Education, later as assistant professor, and finally, since 1917, as full professor. He has been chairman of the Division of Education since 1912.

It has been decided that the new school will admit women. This decision is of special interest as this is the first time that women have been admitted to any regular department of the University. Certain organizations connected with the University, such as the Summer School and the School of Public a Health, have admitted women, but no regular department has done so in its history. The adoption of the new policy necessitates a change in the statutes of the University. This new step, which has been expected for some time, was taken as a result of the feeling here that women play far too important a part in the work of American schools to permit a graduate school of education to exclude them without losing a great opportunity for usefulness. The general policy of the University with respect to co-education is said to be not at all affected by the new decision. The authorities consider the fundamental question of advantages and disadvantages of co-education to be a question still to be settled by study and investigation, an they hope that in the study of problems such as this, the new School of Education, can play an important part. It is not now expected, therefore, that any other departments will follow the example of this school in admitting women.

Bachelor's Degree Necessary For Admission.

It has also been definitely decided than the school will be a genuine graduate school, requiring a bachelor's degree for admission, and offering the degrees of Master and Doctor. It will give processional training to school and college teachers, school superintendents, and normal school teachers. It will conduct researches in education and will have its own library, laboratory, and model school, and a clinic for the study of children, their growth and work.

The establishment of the school was made possible by a gift of half a million dollars from the General Education Board and by the allocation to the school of nearly eight hundred thousand dollars from the Harvard Endowment Funa. The remainder of the endowment of two million was collected by the University. The fund thus raised has been named in honor of Charies W. Eliot, president emeritus of the University.

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