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The spring schedule of the University athletic activities which has just been announced, contains 67 contests to be held between now and the end of the College year. The baseball team has 23 games scheduled, with one more possible in case of a tie in the Yale series, while there will be 17 tennis matches before the close of the season. The University crews have arranged for three more races with outside colleges, and in addition there will be held the annual invitation regatta extending over a period of three days, from Thursday, May 27, to Saturday, May 29. The track team has nine meets scheduled, while the golf and lacrosse teams will play eight and five games, respectively. In the following calendar, all events will be held at Cambridge unless otherwise indicated.

Tuesday, April 27.--Baseball: Bowdoin at 4 P. M.

Wednesday, April 28.--Baseball: Maine at 4 P. M.: Second Nine vs. Dean Academy.

Thursday, April 29.--Baseball: Freshmen vs. Cambridge Latin, 4 P. M.

Friday, April 30.--Tennis: Freshmen vs. English High. Track: Penn. Relays at Philadelphia.

Saturday, May 1.--Baseball: Cornell, 3 P. M.; Second Nine vs. Andover, 3 P.M. Rowing: Harvard-Princeton-Penn. (University); Harvard-Princeton (second University). Lacrosse: Hobart at Geneva, N. Y. Tennis: Springfield Country Club at Springfield; Freshmen vs. Andover. Track: Penn, Relays at Philadelphia; Spring Handicap Meet; Freshmen vs. Andover at Andover. Golf: Amherst at Boston.

Monday, May 3.--Lacrosse: Cornell at Ithaca. Tennis: Tufts; Freshmen vs. Browne and Nichols.

Tuesday, May 4.--Track: Dodge and Wells Cups Meet.

Wednesday, May 5.--Baseball: Dartmouth, 4 P. M.; Freshmen vs. Dean Academy, 4 P. M.; Second Nine vs. Milton at Milton. Tennis: Brown at Providence; Freshmen vs. St. John's Prep.

Friday, May 7.--Lacrosse: Syracuse, 4 P. M. Tennis: University of Pennsylvania.

Saturday, May 8.--Baseball: Virginia, 3 P. M.; Freshmen vs. Andover at Andover; Second Nine vs. Brown Second, 3 P. M. Tennis: Dartmouth; Freshmen vs Dartmouth 1923. Track: M. I. T. at Tech Field; Freshmen vs. Exeter at Exeter. Lacrosse: Freshmen vs. U. S. S. Utah. Golf: Williams at Springfield.

Wednesday, May 12.--Baseball: Amherst, 4 P. M.; Freshmen vs. Middlesex at Concord, Mass.; Second Nine vs. Tufts 1923, 4 P. M.

Thursday, May 13.--Golf: Cornell at Boston.

Friday, May 14.--Tennis: Interscholastics. Golf: Columbia at New York.

Saturday, May 15.--Baseball: Princeton at Princeton; Freshmen vs. Princeton 1923, 3 P. M.; Second Nine vs. Worcester Academy at Worcester. Lacrosse: Yale, 1923 at New Haven. Tennis: Cornell; Interscholastics (continued). Track: Yale Dual Meet; Freshmen vs. Yale 1923 at New Haven. Golf: Princeton at Englewood. N. J.

Monday, May 17.--Tennis: interscholastics; Freshmen vs. University.

Wednesday, May 19.--Baseball: Williams, 4 P. M.; Freshmen vs. Holy Cross 1923, 4 P. M.; Second Nine vs. St. John's Prop., 4 P. M. Tennis: M. I. T.; Freshmen vs. Worcester Academy at Worcester.

Thursday, May 20.--Tennis: Pittsburg, 4 P. M.; Freshmen vs. Brookline High, 4 P. M.; Gone: Dartmouth at Boston.

Friday, May 21.--Tennis: Princeton at West Side, N. Y. Track: Consolation Meet, 4 P. M.

Saturday, May 22.--Baseball: Princeton, 3 P. M.; Freshmen vs. Exeter at Exeter. Rowing: Cornell at Ithaca (University and Freshmen). Tennis: West Side Country Club at West Side, N. Y.; Freshmen vs. Lynn E. H. S. Track: Princeton at Princeton; Freshmen vs. Pennsylvania at Boston.

Monday, May 24.--Tennis: Freshmen vs. Milton at Milton.

Wednesday, May 26.--Baseball: Holy Cross, 4 P. M.; Freshmen vs. Dartmonth 1923, 4 P. M. Tennis: Longwood at Chestnut Hill; Freshmen vs. Exeter at Exeter.

Thursday, May 27.--Rowing: Invitation Regatta.

Friday, May 28.--I. C. A. A. A. A. Trials at Philadelphia. Rowing: Invitation Regatta (continued).

Saturday, May 29.--Baseball: Brown, 3 P. M.; Freshmen vs. M. I. T. 1923, 3 P. M. Tennis: Yale; Freshmen vs. Yale 1923 at New Haven. Track: I. C. A. A. A., Finals at Philadelphia; Interscholastics at Cambridge. Golf: Yale at Providence. Rowing: Invitation Regatta (continued).

Monday, May 31.--Baseball: Brown at Providence.

Tuesday, June 1.--Baseball: Freshmen vs. Yale 1923 at New Haven; second Nine vs. Yale Second at New Haven.

Wednesday, June 2--Baseball: Princeton at Boston in case of tie, or California at Cambridge. 3 P. M., in case of no third Princeton game. Tennis: California.

Saturday, June 5.--Baseball: University of Pennsylvania, 3 P. M.

Tuesday, June 8.--Baseball: Vermont, 3 P. M.

Wednesday, June 9.--Baseball: California, 3 P. M.

Saturday, June 12.--Baseball: Holy Cross at Worcester.

Wednesday, June 16.--Baseball: Fordham 3 P. M.

Saturday, June 19.--Baseball: Tufts at Medford, 3 P. M.

Tuesday, June 22.--Baseball: Yale at New Haven.

Wednesday, June 23.--Baseball: Yale, 3 P. M.

Friday, June 25.--Rowing: Yale races at New Haven.

Saturday, June 26.--Baseball: Yale at Boston in case of tie.

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