Bradford and Huiskamp Raised to Crew "A" in Shake-Up Yesterday.

Two changes were made yesterday in the first Freshman crew, and two in the second, when R. F. Bradford '23 was moved up from number 2 in the second boat to 2 in the first, and B. W. Huiskamp '23 from 5 in the second to 3 on the first shell. J. A. Westengard '23 and W. B. Wood '23, have been moved to 2 and 5 on the second crew, respectively, from 4 on the third and 3 on the first boats. R. F. Brander '23 has been moved from 2 on the first crew to 4 on the third.

The present line-up of the two first 1923 boats is as follows:

Freshman 1.--Bow, Wigglesworth; 2, Bradford; 3, Huiskamp; 4, Wister; 5, Kunhardt; 6, Morgan; 7, Fiske; stroke, Ohl; coxswain, Lanman.

Freshman 2.--Bow, Tucker; 2, Westengard; 3, Andrew; 4, Post; 5, Wood; 6, Self; 7, Collier; stroke, Matthews; coxswain, Little.

The seating of the first University crew was changed slightly yesterday, but no new men were put on the crew. S. A. Duncan '22, who was rowing at 4, and R. K. Kane '22, formerly at number 2, have changed places, Kane going to 4 and Duncan to 2. The new line-up is as follows:


University A.--Bow, Davis; 2, Duncan; 3, Terry; 4, Kane; 5, Sedgwick; 6, McCagg; 7, Pond; stroke, Jenney; coxswain, Peirson.