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After nearly two weeks of outdoor practice Coach Young has been able to pick a tentative team from the 1923 baseball squad. It lines up as follows: pitchers, R. P. Field, J. C. Watson, and J. Anastas; catcher, R. H. Keegan; first base, K. B. Lucas; second base, C. C. Lee; third base, C. C. Buell; shortstop, R. Worthington, or M. J. Vitkin; outfield, D. F. Thayer, G. Owen.

On the mound, Field is at present the most promising candidate. The former St. Marks pitcher combines great speed with a considerable assortment of curves, but has difficulty in holding out for many innings. J. Anastas, a left hander, has good control but is inclined to be erratic. Watson, lacking the speed and curves of the other two, is the steadiest pitcher of the trio.

Lucas a Hard Hitter.

In the infield, Lucas at first is a hard-hitter but somewhat lacking in finish as a fielder. Second and third are well held down by Lee and Buell respectively. Lee, a former Middlesex player, is the most experienced of the infield, while Buell, the Pomfret graduate who last fall captained the 1923 football team, is a neat fielder, and on the bases the fastest man of the 1923 outfit.

The hitting strength of the nine is concentrated in the outfield. Thayer, captain of three sports at Middlesex and G. Owen, Newton High and 1923 football back, are both natural ball players, and have been leading the others in hitting to date.

The first game of the Freshmen will be played at Cambridge on April 28 when they meet the Cambridge Latin team.

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