In the races held yesterday afternoon between the three first class crews and the second Senior eight, the Senior crew was victorious, winning by a length and a quarter from the Sophomore boat, which came in second. The conditions were somewhat unfavorable, due to an upstream wind and a slight chop in the water. The Senior crew, which is composed partly of the members of last year's 1920 eight which defeated the winning Yale crew last spring by over 10 lengths, had the advantage of their experience.

The Junior crew came in third, about five lengths after the 1922 eight, while the second 1920 eight came in two lengths behind them.

The result of this race means that the Senior crew will go to New Haven next Saturday to race the winning class crew which is selected in the same way.

The line-ups of the four crews are as follows:

1920 A--Bow, N. Walker; 2, A. Palmer; 3, Norrie; 4, Dickerson; 5, Caswell; 6, G. Brown; 7, Wheeler; stroke, Saltonstall; coxswain, Mellen.


1920 B--Bow, Hardy; 2, Brigham; 3, Fisher; 4, Palmer; 5, Harrison; 6, Muller; 7, Davison; stroke, Gibbs; coxswain, Conant.

1922 A--Bow, Nash; 2, G. Smith; 3, Sears; 4, Peters; 5, Townsend; 6, Newcomer; 7, Nickerson; stroke, R. Smith; coxswain, deVicq.

1921 A--Bow, Peale; 2, Thayer; 3, Bronson; 4, Fordyce; 5, Cummings; 6, Albright; 7, T. Mills; stroke, Lutz; coxswain, Plumer.