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A Letter for Johnson.



(The Crimson invites all men in the University to submit signed communications of timely interest. It assumes no responsibility, however, for sentiments expressed under this head and reserves the right to exclude any whose publication would be palpably inappropriate.)

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:--

Of the three leading candidates for the Republican nomination, Senator Hiram W. Johnson of California is the logical choice of the coming Republican convention:

The popular demand for him is overwhelming. People from all walks of life, the humblest farmer, the worker in the mill and factory, as well as the professional men, all have rallied to his support. His home state, California, has spoken emphatically in his favor. Michigan, a great Roosevelt state, and the birthplace of the Republican party, has recognized him as the successor of Col. Roosevelt. His victories in Nebraska and Montana, and his remarkable showing in New Jersey and Indiana, have astonished the politicians and have set them speculating about the causes of the success of Senator Johnson, who, in the opinion of the "New York World," a former Hoover paper, has "become the leading Republican candidate for the nomination."

Why is popular sentiment behind Hiram Johnson? How is it to be explained? The reason the people support Senator Johnson is that they feel grateful for the Senator's uncompromising opposition to the present League of Nations. They do not see in him a man with "narrow views of our international necessities," as Mr. Hoover claims he is, but a man who is an American to the core, who puts his country's interests before all others, who is for a real league of peace, but who is unwilling to plunge his country into a League which is professedly for the purpose of preventing wars and reducing armaments, but which accomplishes neither of the two, and merely ties America's hands and deprives her or her liberty.

Senator Johnson's proved capacity for leadership, as Governor of California, and in the Senate, his readiness to stand always by what is right, and his firm stand for American ideals, make him peculiarly fitted for the presidency. P. ALGER '22.

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