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Felton, whose pitching last spring won the third Princeton game for the University, will be sent against the Tigers again at Princeton this afternoon. Although Felton has not shown his last season form in the games this year, in the two weeks of practice since the Cornell game he has done much to overcome his tendency to wildness and to bring his fast curve up to mid-season form. The University's greatest weakness this year has been in her pitchers; and if Felton's control lasts out the game today, the hard-hitting University team has more than an even chance for victory.

Coach Slattery will make no changes in his line-up. The combination of Lincoln, Conlon, Emmons and Bigelow has developed into a fast, well-timed combination which has had but few errors chalked up against it. Hallock, the newcomer to the outfield, playing in center, has proved his ability more than once both in getting under flies and at the bat. Frothingham and Perkins, the two veterans flanking him, are reliable fielders and two of the hardest hitters on the nine.

Successive Victories Give Princeton Edge.

When it comes to records this spring, Princeton has a decided edge on the University, with eight victories to her credit and only three defeats. The scores of her contests follow; Princeton 16, Johns Hopkins 5; Navy 6, Princeton 5; Lafayette 3, Princeton 1; Princeton 5, Villanova 4; Swarthmore 5, Princeton 2; Princeton 4, Columbia 2; Princeton 13, Rutgers 3; Princeton 3, Syracuse 2; Princeton 6, Pennsylvania 5; Princeton 8, Virginia 1; Princeton 2, Cornell 0.

Winton, the rangy Princeton first baseman, will be out of the game today because of an attack of appendicitis. His loss will greatly weaken the Tigers, for he was not only the steadiest man in an infield that is subject to streaks of wildness, but he has also been very effective as fifth man on the batting order.

Warburton a Mighty Pitcher.

Warburton, twirling for the Nassaus, is the type of pitcher who can pull his team out of a bad slump by his steadiness in tight places. In the game with Virginia he allowed only four hits and struck out five men despite several innings in which the Princeton fielding was very weak. Margetts, who held Cornell to three hits, is being held in reserve.

Strubing, Trimble and Keyes are the only men who were on the nine that played the University here last spring. The others are men who have come up from the Freshman squad. The infield, in contrast to Coach Slattery's "rabbit infield," is made up of men of the football build.

A heavy rain beginning Thursday and lasting until yesterday morning stopped practice at Princeton and left the diamond slippery and soggy for the game today. Because of numerous social events now going on at Princeton a large crowd is expected to attend the game. HARVARD.  PRINCETON. Lincoln, 3b.  c.f., Strubing Emmons, 2b.  r.f., Lee Conlon, s.s.  s.s., Trimble Perkins, r.l.  2b., MacPhee Frothingham, l.f.  l.f., MacNamara Bigelow, 1b.  3b., Keyes Hallock, c.f.  1b., Cook Gammack, c.  c., Fisher Felton, p  p., Warburton

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