Team Encounters West Side Tennis Club Today--Freshmen Meet Lynn English High

The University tennis team went down to its second defeat of the season yesterday afternoon, when at West Side, New York, the Princeton sextet carried the day by the close score of 5-4. The match was by far the best of the year, the result being in doubt until the finish of the last match. Both singles and doubles encounters were hotly contested, each team winning three matches, the former breaking even, 3 to 3, and the Tigers winning the latter after a series of deuce games and sets, 3 to 2.

For the University Captain G. W. Helm '20 put up the fastest game he has yet shown, being particularly strong in service and in rapid, well-placed not volleying. L. A. deTurenne '21, the second University racqueter, was especially effective in his long ground strokes, and steady all-around play. J. B. Fenno Jr. '21 also starred, and the whole team worked well together.

The Tiger outfit, however, with a longer period of practice, and a number of fast individual stars, proved more than a match for the Crimson. Captain Werner, a veteran of last year, played the most spectacular game for the Princetonians, while Herndon and Shipway were only less rapid.

This afternoon, again at the West Side, the University team will meet the West Side Tennis Club, again at the latter's courts. The line-up will be the same as yesterday: Helm, deTurenne, Fenno, Hyams, Robinson and Bradley.

Lynn English School will oppose the Freshman team this afternoon at 3 o'clock on Divinity Field. With their unbroken record of victories, the yearlings are favored to emerge from the fray in the lead. Their line-up will be: Captain M. Duane, J. D. Farnham, A. D. Knox, G. C. Guild, M. Grabau and R. W. Hoskins.