This afternoon the second University crew will leave for Philadelphia to enter in the Senior eights' race. The shell was sent down and will be ready at the time the crew arrives. In the morning there will be heats for the crews entered, and in the afternoon the finals will be held. The Junior eight will row against representatives from several Universities, among them Princeton, Yale, Pennsylvania and Annapolis. The second crew has been rowing very well this week, proving the wisdom of Coach Haines's selection of the men; in bruslies downstream they have led University A. by slight margins.

The line-up of the second crew is as, follows: Bow, Damon; 2, Bradlee; 3, Appleton; 4. C. F. Batchelder Jr.; 5, Atkinson; 6, Duncan; 7, Pond; stroke, H. Brown; coxswain, Williams.

Yesterday the feature event of the regatta was the informal race between the first University eight and the M. I. T. crew, in which the Crimson boat was victorious, leading the Tech crew by a length at the finish. The eights rowed very nearly together for the greater part of the brush, Jenney keeping the stroke of the University oarsmen down to a low point.

Finals of School Fours Today

The preliminary trials for the first and second school fours were held yesterday afternoon, and the finals are scheduled for today. In the first heat for the first school fours Browne and Nichols came in first, with the Cambridge Latin boat second and Brookline High School third. In the second heat, in which only two crews were entered, the Boston Latin four won over the Noble and Greenough four; as the results of these races show, the two opposing crews this afternoon will be Browne and Nichols and Boston Latin, Browne and Nichols will also be represented in the race for second school fours, having won the first heat of that event over Boston English High School and Boston College High School, who came in second and third respectively. The second four of the Brookline High School was victorious in the second heat, winning over Boston Latin. Brookline will oppose the Browne and Nichols crew in the race for second school fours this afternoon.


Six Events to Today's Schedule

In addition to the first and second school fours races which will be held this afternoon, there are five other events planned. The 1923 crews from 5 to 9 will be entered in the Junior eight contest, while the Boston Interscholastic crew will be the only competitor outside the University. The second, third and fourth Freshman crews will be entered in the race for intermediate eights.

The pair-oar race, which is scheduled for 5.30 o'clock, promises to be one of the most interesting contests of the afternoon, as several strong entries will compete.

The afternoon's schedule follows:

4.00--Wherry race.

4.15--Finals of first and second school fours.

4.30--Comp race.

5.00--Junior eights.

5.30--Pair oars,

6.00-Intermediate eights.

All races will be held over the mile and seven-eighths course in the Basin.

The results of the Carroll Cup, Senior singles and Novice singles will be announced at the end of the regatta.