Eighty-six copies of the 1920 Senior Album have been received from the bindery and are now on sale at the Coop. Branch, the Coop., and Notman's. Originally, scheduled to appear on June 1 it has been found possible to place this limited number of copies on sale four days in advance of the date planned. Each day henceforth additional volumes will be placed on sale immediately on receipt from the bindery.

Men who have subscribed for the Album in one of the following ways, by payment of $8.50 upon subscribing, by depositing two dollars or more at Notman's, or by merely subscribing without payment of any kind, will obtain their volumes at the Coop. Branch from eight-thirty to six o'clock each day. Payment in full of pledges will be necessary before Albums will be delivered.

All who have not subscribed for the Album may purchase the book at the Coop., the Coop. Branch, or at Notman's Studio for nine dollars a volume. Only a limited number of copies, not ever fifty, are available for this purpose.

Picture, of Every Individual In Book

The 1920 Album consists of 232 pages filled with pictures and articles telling the history of the graduating class. Over a thousand pictures, including among the additions several new aeroplane photographs, serve to illustrate the undergraduate history of the Seniors. For the first time in the history of the Senior Album the picture of every individual who is a member of the graduating class may be found in the book. The dedication is to the memory of the fifteen members of 1920 who died in the service of their country. Several pages are devoted to the complete war records and pictures of these men.


Subscribers $8.50, Non-Subscribers $9.00

Eight dollars and fifty cents, the price of the volume to the subscriber, and $9.00, the price to the non-subscriber, in no way equals the cost of publication. For this reason it is essential that every person who has subscribed for one or more volumes meet his pledge, otherwise the Class Treasurer will be forced to meet a deficit unnecessarily large. Purchasers are urged to call for their books in all cases possible that the mailing costs may be kept at a minimum. Any inquiries or communications to the 1920 Photograph Committee should be addressed to Holworthy 4.