At a meeting yesterday of the song leaders and Dr. A. T. Davison '06, lots were drawn for the order of the dormitory singing during the Freshman Jubilee on June 2. As a result of the drawing, Smith is to sing first with Standish and Gore second and third respectively. Each dormitory will sing two songs in addition to the class song, one college song and one choral hymn. Smith will sing "There is a Tavern in the Town" and "The Soldier's Chorus"; Standish, the old fashioned college favorite, "Jingle Bells," and Bach's spirited hymn, "Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee"; and Gore, "The Spanish Cavalier." No choral hymn has been decided upon as yet for the last-named hall.

Due to the lack of interest by 1923, and particularly by Gore Hall, there is a great deal of doubt whether the College office will allow the Jubilee to be given this year.

Inasmuch as Dr. Davison's recommendation to the College Office will decided its outcome next Wednesday, it is imperative that there be a full attendance at the various dormitory rehearsals next Tuesday evening.

Patronesses Announced.

The list of patronesses for the dance has been announced as follows: Mrs. Charles F. Adams, of Boston; Mrs. C. F. Aldrich, of Boston; Mrs. S. Parker Brewer, of Boston; Mrs. G. W. Cram, of Cambridge; Mrs. Russell Duane, of Philadelphia; Mrs. G. R. Fearing, of Dedham; Mrs. Alan Forbes, of Westwood; Mrs. Wolcott Howe Johnson, of Boston; Mrs. J. T. Lanman, of Lawrence, L. I.; Mrs. Joseph Larocque, of Bernardsville, N. J.; Mrs. A. Lawrence Lowell, of Cambridge; Mrs. James A. Lowell, of Chestnut Hill; Mrs. C. F. Lyman; of Boston; Mrs. R. L. MacDuffie, of New York; Mrs. T. Nelson Perkins, of Dedham; Mrs. H. L. Pratt, of New York; Mrs. J. M. Proctor, of Boston; Mrs. P. M. Reynolds, of Readville; Mrs. H. Sewall, of Boston; Mrs. John Thayer, of Lancaster; Mrs. W. L. Thayer, of Lancaster; Mrs. W. L. Thayer, of Southboro; Mrs. Edwin S. Webster, of Chestnut Hill; Mrs. Charles G. Weld, of Boston, and Mrs. H. H. Wiggin, of Brookline.