What is Going On Today

10.00.--Meeting of Alumni in the Faculty Room, University Hall.

2.00.--1923 track meet at Exeter.

2.30.--University track meet at M. I. T.

2.30.--Concert by the Instrumental Club at Aeolian Hall, New York City.

3.00.--Baseball at Soldiers Field; University vs. University of Virginia; Second team vs. Brown Seconds. At Andover: Freshmen vs. Andover.


3.00.--University golf team vs. William at Springfield Country Club.

3.00.--Tennis: at Divinity Courts: University vs. Dartmouth, Freshmen vs. Dartmouth 1923.

3.00.--Crew race between first and second University crews in the Basin; first and second 1923 fours vs. Middlesex at Middlesex.

8.00--Glee Club Concert at Middlesex.