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RED TOP, CONN., June 14,-One small New London street arab caused a near feud between the two camps today. He has been hanging around the boathouse for some days and into his hero-worshipping mind came the great idea of stealing the flag from the Yale boathouse. In ways known only to himself he accomplished his object single-handed, while thirty Elis remained rooted to the spot in amazement and allowed the urchin to flee. Automobiles were quickly secured however, and then the chase began. But the unwieldy cars were of no avail against the resourceful Penrod.

The youngster soon succeeded in giving the slip to the harrassed members of the New Haven representation, whose cars were unable to tread the treacherous path known only to the fleeing ten-year old. Deprived of their quarry, the Elis turned to vent their anger upon the University quarters at Red Top and swept down on the deserted Crimson camp- deserted except for six waiters. The Yale oarsmen dashed to the flag-pole and started off, but were checked in their flight by the valiant forces of the waiting squad. There followed an unequal hand-to-hand contest in which the small handful of Crimson supporters were worsted.

Watson Takes News From Ghent to Aix

The Elis made off with their booty while Jack Watson '22 carried the news to the crews who were in the boathouse down on the river bank. The Crimson oarsmen rushed up the hill where their opponents' quarters are, starting to sack the rooms. Fortunately before things had gone very far, someone mentioned the fact that it was a little boy who had stolen the flag. Then ensued apologies, and a return of the flags by the captains. The old agreement of no open hostilities was renewed.

The first eight held its second time trial over the four-mile course against the tide this afternoon. The course was not covered at exceptional speed, the time being between 21 and 22 minutes. This is faster than the first trial held on Friday, and shows improvement. As before, the second crew paced for the first two miles, while the 1923 oarsmen took up the stroke during the last half of the stretch. The second boat ended up even with the University eight, but the Freshmen were left two lengths behind at the finish of the second two miles. The yearlings time was fairly good, however, as they covered the distance in a little over 10 minutes.

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