Five Graduates to be Selected Out of Ten Nominees

Five graduates of the University are to be elected today to the Board of Overseers by the alumni. The polls will be open in Massachusetts Hall from 9.30 A. M. to 4 P. M.

Ten candidates, chosen by postal ballot among the alumni from the 20 men first nominated will be voted upon, and the five receiving the highest totals will become Overseers for the term of six years to fill the places of those who go

By the Legislative Act of 1865, "Such persons as have received from the College a Degree of Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts, or any Honorary Degree," are entitled to vote for Overseers, "Provided, however, that no member of the Corporation and no officer of government or instruction in said College shall be eligible as an Overseer or entitled to vote in the election of Overseers; and provided further that no person who has received from said College the Degree of Bachelor of Arts shall be entitled to vote for Overseers before the fifth annual election after the graduation of his class."

All Degree Holders Vote

By the concurrent vote of the President and Fellows and the Board of Overseers, under the Legislative Act of 1902, "The recipients of all degrees heretofore or hereafter granted by Harvard College other than the recipients of the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Honorary Degrees, whose rights are fixed by Chapter 173 of the Acts of 1865 as amended, shall be entitled to vote for Overseers to the same extent to which recipients of the degree of Bachelor of Arts may now so vote and under the same restrictions."


The following 10 graduates will be voted upon:

William Roscoe Thayer of Cambridge, Mass., Class of 1881. Overseer, 1913-19.

Barrett Wendell of Boston, Mass. Class of 1877.

Louis Adams Frothingham of Easton, Mass. Class of 1893. Overseer, 1905-11, 1912-18.

Edwin Francis Guy of New York, N. Y. LL.D. (Hon.) 1918.

Norwood Penrose Hallowell of Milton, Mass. Class of 1897.

Albert Thompson Perkins of St. Louis, Mo. Class of 1887.

Mitchell Davis Follansbee of Chicago, Ill. Class of 1892.

Robert Hallowell Gardiner of Gardiner, Me. Class of 1876.

Frederick Pickering Cabot of Boston, Mass. Class of 1890.

Homer Gage of Worcester, Mass. Class of 1882