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The plans for the Silver Bay Student Conference to be held from June 25 to July 5 at Lake George, New York, are maturing rapidly but there is still room for additional men who wish to attend. Men may sign up at any time in Phillips Brooks House, or with any member of the committee in charge of arrangements.

Forty men have signed up for the conference from the University, while Yale expects to have a representation of 100 delegates. The price of the round-trip railroad fare will be $15 and the charge for board and rooms will be $20, which makes a slightly higher total than last year, owing to the increased distance.

In addition to the speakers whose names have already been announced, the following men will also be present: Paul Dwight Moody, formerly a chaplain in the Navy; Sam Higginbottem, agricultural advisor to the ruler of India; and Henry Sloane Coffin, who will speak on "Christianity and Evolution." John R. Mott will not be able to attend this year's conference because of his absence in Europe.

Silver Bay at Lake George is one of the most picturesque and charming summer resorts in America. In the heart of the Adirondacks, it is superbly fitted for a conference of this sort with a large auditorium which will accommodate a thousand delegates. There are also about ten small rustic buildings, with a capacity of from 50 to 200 persons each, which will be used for the group meetings. Twenty-five tennis courts and two baseball diamonds are available for the use of vacationists and the delegates.

One of the most attractive phases of the conference is the opportunity presented for recreation after the more serious work of the daily sessions. The opportunities for acquatic sports are numerous with a well-appointed boathouse and plenty of canoes and other small craft. Six fast clay courts will be reserved for those members of the conference who wish to play tennis.

In addition to the regular events, such as baseball games and track meets, there will be ample opportunity to learn mass games and recreative contests which are adapted to boys' clubs and general community service.

The men from the University who have definitely signed up are as follows:

W. I. Tibbetts '17, G. E. Daniels 2M., D. C. Gordon 2M., S. Hocking Unc., R. A. White Sp., J. B. Read Jr. '20, F. W. Willett '20, A. W. Quimby '20, R. W. Shaw '20, S. A. Montague '21, H. McFadden '21, D. F. Cameron '22, R. B. Smith '22, P. S. Parker '22, P. E. Wilson '23, J. R. Flather '23, G. G. Benedict '23, H. W. Johnson '23. There are also 21 foreign students, including 8 Japanese, 5 Latin-Americans and 4 Chinese.

There will be no tuition fee for membership in this group. A registration fee of $5 is required of those men who are accepted, but this sum is refunded to men who complete their term of service. The board and room and incidental expenses incurred in the work assigned are provided by the institution served.

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