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All students in Harvard College and the Engineering School must register today between the house of 10 A.M. and 6 P.M. The places of registration are as follows:


Seniors, Sever 35, third floor.

Juniors, Sever 11, first floor.

Sophomores, Emerson D.

Freshmen: A.G. Harvard 6; H.N. Harvard 5; O.S. Harvard 2; T.Z. Harvard 3; Unclassified students, Emerson J. second floor.

Candidates for degrees out-of-course, Sever 6.

Engineering School

The Harvard Engineering School students must register in Pierce Hall, Oxford street, room 209 (the Engineering Library), second floor.

Also every student, on his entrance to the University, must file a bond or deposit a sum of money with the Bursar as security for the payment of his dues: Every student in Harvard College, except an out-of-course student who is taking but one course or a half-course, must pay today the first instalment of the tultion fee, $50, between the hours of 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Such an out-of-course student must pay his entire tultion fee for the year. The Bursar's office is on the Delta, Kirkland street, in the rear of Memorial Hall.

Following is a list of places where information of various kinds may be obtained:

For information about rooms and boarding places, for map of the College Yard and vicinity, all circulars and pamphlets, etc., and for general assistance of any kind, apply to the Information Bureau, Phillips Brooks House, the northwest corner of the Yard, facing Cambridge street. Phillips Brooks House will be open from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. on and after Monday, September 27.

For information about admission to Harvard College apply to the chairman of the Committee on Admission, University Hall, north entry, second floor, room 20.

For information about College duties apply to the Recorder, University Hall, south entry, first floor, room 4.

Participation in some form of approved physical activity for at least three periods, of one hour each per week, will be required of Freshmen in the College and in the Engineering School. There will also be instruction by lectures in hygiene. The first meeting for organization and division into sections will be held on Thursday, September 30, at 1.05 P.M. in the New Lecture Hall. Students who are unable to attend this meeting should enroll at Weld 3 (just south of University Hall) before 3 o'clock on the day of the meeting. Physical Training Sections are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.15 A.M. and 1.45, 2.45, 3.45 and 4.45 P.M. Hygience sections will meet at 1.30 P.M. on Thursday.

For information about the Harvard Engineering School apply at the office of the Dean, 223 Plerce Hall (second floor).

The Dean, Professor Hughes, can be found all day Monday and Tuesday, at 223 Pierce Hall.

For information about the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences apply at the office of the Dean and Secretary of the School, in University Hall, north entry, 3d floor, rooms 23 and 24.

For information about the Graduate School of Education apply at the office of the Register 6, Lawrence Hall.

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