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Every year at just about this time a few thousand harassed editors, who write for an equal number of college papers, develop bad headaches with attendant grouches. The reason is this: The annual Freshman "Ed." Must be written. If editors were to have their own way, then would abolish Freshmen altogether and then no longer would the ghastly spectre of the Freshman "Ed." Stare them in the face. But the editors are unable to effect this sweeing reform, every year the powers that be inflict a few hundrel strange new beings upon us. These add people call themselves freshmen the Freshman class. Some day they have hopes of being a part of the college and of catching the college spirit.

It is the duty of the unfortunate editors to tell how this is done. Some of the cleverest of these journalists dig up an editorial of ten years back, change a stray "a" from a Stray "the" and call the "1924 Freshman Editorial". Others will out-Fairfax Beatrice in her advice to the lovelorn. However, all we have to say to this.

Freshmen. To be a part of the college you must stay in it. To stay in it you must study. To study you must not be too frequent patrons of the Cambridge Boston subway.

To catch the college spirit you must become acquainted with the college, principally by making friends.

To make friends you must take an interest in the activities of your class an the college. Don't be self-centered don't stick together clique by clique or school by school. Stick tog the as a class, and you will soon find yourselves regular members of the college community. You will have the Harvard spirit.

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