Students who do not live in the dormitories should as soon as possible send their subscriptions to the Hoover Drive either to Phillips Brooks House, between 5 and 9 P. M. or to the Committee in the Crimson Building between 7 and 8 P. M.

One of the chief difficulties of this drive, as for that in the Endowment Fund, is the getting in touch with the men who do not live in the college dormitories. The cooperation of these men is absolutely necessary if the drive is to be a success. Unless they give voluntarily without being approached the drive must fail, for without them the University cannot hope to reach the mark being set by other colleges.

The committee in charge of the drive plans to bring it to an end in the next week. Thursday has been set as the day for the final reports of the dormitory chairmen, and it is expected that all contributions will have been collected by that date.

The reports that were turned in last night indicate that in most cases the dormitory chairmen have arranged their committees and are well under way, but there still remain some dormitories in which the organization is still incomplete. By the next report of the chairmen on Tuesday it is expected that the work of canvassing will be almost completed.