Sends Delegates to New York to Aid Formation of Intercollegiate Association

The Student Liberal Club has elected the following officers for the coming year John Rothschild ocC., of East Foxboro, President; P. B. Ferguson '23 of Newton, Secretary; R. E. Wheeler '22 of Jamaica Plain, Treasurer; and H. B. Davis '21 of Brookline, J. F. Lewis Jr. of Philadelphia, Pa., K. N. Marshall '22 of Brockton, G. J. May '21 of Minneapolis, Minn., and Robert Wormser '22 of San Francisco, Cal., Executive Committee. A new constitution, which has been under consideration for some time, was adopted. The purposes of the Club are given as follows:

"To promote a keener understanding in the University of present day problems by encouraging the scientific discussion of controversial questions.

"To maintain academic freedom where ever the influence of the club may reach;

"To be active as part of the student citizen-body in whatever pertains to the welfare of the University;

"To foster ideals of citizenship among its members and in the University, and to co-operate in constructive undertakings in the community."

It was also decided to send delegates to New York over this week-end to aid in the formation of an intercollegiate organization composed of college groups similar to the Student Liberal Club. It has been proposed to amalgamate into this union the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, Young Democracy, and the Intercollegiate conference for democracy. It is at present the wish of some members of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society to rate in its ideals those of the Society of the new organization and to incorporate in its ideals those of the Society. It is to prevent this that the Student Liberal Club is sending its representatives. The club feels that an intercollegiate radical association is undesirable, and is working to broaden the purpose of the new society so as to appeal to all university students in the impartial study of modern social questions.