Professors From Many Parts of the World Come to Cambridge to Lecture

The announcement by the College Office of five new half-courses starting after the examinations throws some interesting sidelights on the ever enlarging field of activity of the University. The list includes one course by Professor Henri Guy, the exchange professor sent over by the French Government on "The Sonnet in French Literature," and one to be given by Professor Hotne of the University of Patua on "The History and Government of India." The list follows:

French 30 hf.: "The Sonnet in French Literature." Lectures and text interpretation. Half-course starting second half-year. (Two hours a week.) Conducted in French by Professor Henri Guy of the University of Toulouse.

History 50 hf.: "The History and Government of India." A half-course starting second half-year. (Monday, Wednesday, and, at the pleasure of the instructor, Friday at 9.) Conducted by Professor Hotne (Patua University.) May be counted as a course for concentration in Government.

Government 16 hf.: "Colonial Problems; Political and Diplomatic." Half-course starting second half year. (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12.) Conducted by Professor Rogers (University of Virginia.)

Government 12b hf.: "American Governmental Problems, National, State and Municipal." Half-course starting second half-year. (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10.) Professor Rogers (University of Virginia). XI.

Philosophy 3a hf.: "The Philosophy of Evolution." An historical survey of the more important conceptions of evolution, in nature and in society, together with some considerations of such conceptions for natural science, ethics and social theory. Half-course starting second half-year. (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11.) Conducted by Associate Professor Lewis (University of California.) XII.