University Crews to Start Trial Races in Two Weeks--Work Will Probably Last Until November 11--Freshman Development Slower

Plans for fall rowing this year have been announced by the crew management and will not differ materially from what has been customary for the past few years.

For two weeks fundamentals will be stressed in practice and no trial races of any length or importance will be held. After that, however, Coach Haines expects to begin developing speed and will call for practice races between his three University crews and some of the better Class crews. Work of this kind will continue as long as the weather permits, until November 11 if possible.

When rowing on the Charles is no longer possible, the fall season will officially close, and the men will be given a rest of a week or ten days. After that work will begin on the machines and in the tank. Candidates will not row in organized crews, however, but will be given individual coaching to improve their oarsmanship and form. In the middle of February regular spring rowing will be started

Plans for the Freshmen are basically the same with development a little slower, because of the large number of inexperienced men out for crew from the class of 1925.

There will be a meeting of all Freshmen interested in crew work on Thursday evening at 7 o'clock in the Smith Halls Common Room.

Despite the heavy driving rain, all the University crews were out on the river yesterday, and, in view of the fact that the water was unusually calm, were given a considerable amount of hard rowing. Two minor changes in the seating of the second and third crews have been made. N. C. Webb '23 has gone to 6 on the second crew, while Dennet Withington '22 has moved from 6 on the second to 6 on the third crew.