Rainy weather kept the University football men off the Stadium gridiron for all but a few minutes yesterday afternoon. Coach Fisher held his usual after-ter-game blackboard talk in the Locker Building, pointing out the general defects shown Saturday against Holy Cross. Later on the 18 players who took part in the game were given individual criticism by the various members of the Crimson coaching staff.

After the blackboard talk Coach Fisher sent his entire squad into the University baseball cage where dummy scrimmages and signal practice were held. The men who played Saturday, though dressed for practice, did not take part in this work. A let-up of a few minutes in the rain enabled Teams B and C to go into the Stadium for a brief signal drill.

Left Side of Line Weak

It is probable that tomorrow Coach Fisher will put his men through a regular scrimmage practice as the first step in his preparations for receiving the Indiana eleven in the Stadium on Saturday. The Hoosier team is expected to use a plain, straight, rushing attack in its attempt to smash through the Crimson line, and it will be Coach Fisher's principal purpose this week to strengthen his forwards, especially on the left side. The two big Holy Cross advances Saturday were both directed chiefly against the left side of the University line, which, although showing far more power than in the Boston University game, gave way at times before the Purple onslaught. The men individually played well, but there was lack of cohesion. For this reason Coach Fisher will probably try to develop his line into a more smoothly-working organization rather than make any serious shifts in the present arrangement.

Fitts Ready for Practice


The Crimson squad escaped without serious injuries from one of the stiffest early season games played for several years. Fitts, who was stunned towards the end of the game in making a hard, diving tackle when Simendinger ran back the University's final kick-off, will be ready to play again this afternoon. The other injuries were even less serious. Mitchell Gratwick '22, letter man at halfback, and A. H. Ladd '23, whom Coach Fisher used as first-string tackle until his shoulder was hurt, will probably be able to take an active part in practice by the middle of the week.