Various Entertainments Announced--Professor C. T. Copeland to Give Reading for Freshmen--Mr. Alfred Zimmern Scheduled to Speak

In its second bulletin of the year, issued today, the Governing Board of the Union announces the approach of various entertainments.

This Saturday, before the Brown game, a buffet lunch will be served in the Living Room from 12 to 1.30 o'clock. Tickets at 75 cents per person will be sold only to members, who may, however, bring guests. A similar buffet lunch will be served on Saturday, November 19, before the Yale's game.

On the evening before the Yale game the Union will hold its annual football dance. Tickets, including supper, are $3.00 per person. Applications will close at 6 o'clock Monday, November 14, and the tickets will be issued the following day. As the number of these is limited to 1000, the Governing Board urges members to apply early. The Governing Board has also forwarded 150 tickets to Yale to be distributed free by Mr. Burton P. Twitchell, Dean of Students. The dance will last from 10 until 4 o'clock. Meyer Davis' ten-piece orchestra will play in the Living Room, while the music in the Dining Room will be provided by Spalding's orchestra.

On Tuesday evening, November 29, at 9 o'clock, Professor C. T. Copeland '82 will give a special reading for Freshmen in the Dining Room. The following evening, at 8 o'clock in the Trophy Room, Mr. Alfred Zimmern will talk about Europe and America. Mr. Zimmern has just completed a tour of Europe and has learned much about the true conditions there. Particulars concerning the address will be announced later.

The first of this season's University, teas will be held on Friday, November 25, and will continue each week until mid-years.


The Governing Board also makes the announcement that although no cash is received as a rule in the Union, members not on the Bursar's books may arrange to make cash payments or to have bills sent to them monthly. Another announcement is to the effect that in future, members obtaining theatre tickets through the Union agency must pay

for them in cash. This action has been taken in consideration that theatre tickets, as luxuries, should not be charged on the University term bill. Furthermore, the Governing Board has decided to enforce the already existing rule that prevents organizations having less than 40 percent of its membership Union members from utilizing the Union