Manuscripts Must be Mailed on or Before December 31--Two Thousand Dollars to be Given in Prizes

Manuscripts submitted in the competition for the Pollak Foundation prizes for the best essays on economic problems are due December 31, and must be mailed on or before that date to Dr. William T. Foster '01, Director, Newton 58, Mass. Three prizes, amounting to $2000, are offered. One prize of $500 will be awarded the best essay written by-an undergraduate in a college or in a school of college grade in the United States, $500 will be given to the student in high school or any other school of secondary grade, and $1000 to any student, without restriction, submitting the best essay.

To be considered in the contest, any essay must be not more than 10,000 words in length, and must be on the following subjects or a related subject approved in advance by the Foundation:

1. The Part Money Plays in Economic Theories.

2. Causes of Unemployment and Remedies.

3. The Conditions Which Determine How Much the Consumer Gets for His Dollar.


The following judges have been appointed: Dean Wallace B. Donham '98 of the Graduate School of Business Administration, Professor Irving Fisher of the Economics Department of Yale University, and Mr. W. C. Mitchell, Director of the National Bureau of Economic Research.