Squad of Forty-Seven Report for First Practice--Demonstrate Amateur Rules--Many Veterans Turn Out

The wrestling team started its practice yesterday with a squad of 47 men. Captain J. F. Brown '22 spoke and Coach Jedlinski and C. A. C. Eastman '24 staged a seven-minute match in order to demonstrate this year's amateur rules. The method of scoring by time advantage was also explained. This consists in crediting a contestant with points according to the time, that he is on top of his opponent.

A number of last year's veterans reported, including Captain Brown, C. A. C. Eastman '24, H. J. Freedman '23., J. F. Stearns '22, and H. B. Walker '22.

Benoni Lockwood Jr. '22, who has been playing football this fall, also turned out. Of the last year's Freshman squad, the following men were present; J. P. Crawford '24, L. J. Holmes '24, George Karelitz '24, Curtis Nelson '24.

The 1925 squad, which was divided into two groups, according to ability, is being trained in the fundamentals. The classification is to be only temporary and a man will be shifted from one squad to another on the basis of the showing he makes.