Porcelain Statuette of Mozart Has Been Received and Placed in Widener Treasure Room With Letter of Presentation From Premier Briand

A porcelain statuette of the young Mozart and his violin, presented to the Glee Club by the French Government as a token of appreciation of the Club's visit to France last summer, has been received at the University and was placed on exhibition yesterday in the Treasure Room of Widener Library, along with numerous other mementoes of the Club's European trip.

A letter from Premier Briand to President Lowell accompanied the gift of the French Government, and is included in the exhibit. The translation of the letter, made public last night at the University, is as follows:

"Mr. President:

"At the moment when the Harvard Glee Club is leaving France, I am writing to tell you what an impression of art and of high musical technique these young men have left, in Paris and in the French provinces as well.

"I was happy to be able to present to the Club on its departure a Sevres statuette, which I beg the Club to keep as a souvenir of its French trip.

"I am persuaded that this manifestation will not fail to enhance still further the renown, already so great in France, of Harvard University.

Kindly accept, Mr. President, the assurances of my high consideration.

"Aristide Briand."

The statuette stands about three feet high, and was made in the Sevres plant operated by the French Government.

The exhibit includes also letters to President Lowell from Dr. Appel, Rector of the University of Paris, from Commissioner General Alapetite of Alsace-Lorraine, from Baron D'Estournelles de Constant, and from Professor William E. Rappard of Geneva, who taught economics at the University from 1911 to 1913 and is now on the staff of the League of Nations.