A Crimson Corner on Yale Jobs

Where the swarming of Harvard graduates over Connecticut will end is by no means clear in the vision of Yale men. The report that Prof. James Rowland Angell, a Harvard graduate, has been chosen president of Yale by the university corporation has intensified a situation which has been growing complicated for several years.

When members of the corporation are criticised for naming a Harvard graduate as the next president of Yale they point to the fact that Conneticut has been filling up with Harvard alumni as its educational heads for years, that virtually every head master in Connection; preparatory schools is a Harvard man and that the Governor of the state, Everett Lake, is a Harvard graduate. When Lake, who by virtue of his office is a member of the Yale Corporation, is criticised for taking part in the election of a Harvard graduate as Yale president he is able to point to the capture of Connecticut's educational posts by Harvard alumni and say that he was not responsible for this situation, which has grown of itself for years.

Another distinguished Harvard appointment at Yale recently was that of Prof., Roswell P. Angier as dean of the freshman class, a position which was next to that of university president in importance, because of Yale's act in making freshmen year common to all its undergraduate schools.

With the Yale president, the freshman dean, the head masters of Connecticut preparatory schools and the Governor of Connecticut all Harvard men, according to the present outlook, Yale alumni are in a somewhat daned condition mentally and are just taking an account of the remnants of their native stock. One of the questions they are asking is how it will seem if the president of Yale waves a Harvard football flag at the future football games. The Governor of Connecticut and other Harvard alumni waved crimson banners at the last match.  --New York Evening Su