Unless Comic Stickmen Renege--Battle Between Periods of Harvard-Yale Game Saturday

Definite announcement that the annual CRIMSON-Lampoon hockey game for the classic grand challenge cup would be played between the periods of the Harvard-Yale contest Saturday evening was made last night following a long conference between the CRIMSON management and George V. Brown of the Boston Arena. Only the pusillanimity of the Jester's hordes can now prevent the clash with the University daily. Preparations are being made for an opening eight-minute period, to be followed, in case the comic cohorts come up for more, by a second session of similar duration.

Seven-man hockey will be the rule, according to the stipulations of the CRIMSON, neither team being permitted to employ more than that number simultaneously. A single puck will be used, and all proprieties of the sport sedulously observed.

Grand Challenge Cup at Stake

Although plans have not been completed, due to the fact that the CRIMSON, as present holder of the title cup, is not yet in receipt of a challenge from Mt. Auburn and Bow Srreets, it is probable that A. Terry will officiate at the obsequies as referee. A goal umpire, to count the scores in the Lampy net will be chosen at a later date.

Anticipating hostilities with the Lampoon stick-handlers, the CRIMSON skaters, under the leadership of Captain F. T. Pratt '22, crashed through on the Charles-bank surface yesterday afternoon in a rattling rapid-fire practice session. The workout was held under the Arizona Round-up and Boston Massacre rules, which will obtain in the big contest Saturday, the toe-hold and the nullo only being barred.