M. I. T. Loses Relay Race to Yale--Ray Wins From Cutbill at Last

Vinton Chapin '23 was the only University runner entered in the American Legion Meet, held yesterday afternoon, to accomplish anything. Chapin got second place in his heat, running a few inches behind Wefers, of the new York A. C., who won the second place in the finals. Chapin was eliminated in the semi-finals.

The meet, the second held by the Legion, was a great success. The two feature races of the afternoon, the Gasten 600-yard dash, and the Boston Mile, arroused the most enthusiasm. Roie Ray, who has been trying to defeat Cutbill all year, finally succeeded, when he won the mile.

The best relay race of the day was that between M. I. T. and Yale Rilles and Coxe, the first two Yale runners, gained on their opponents but Reed, the third runner, last ground and was several Yards behind the M. I. T. man when he handed the baton to Campbell, who led Chittick by 10 yards at the finish.