The recent defeat within twenty-four hours of the University fencing, basket-ball, wrestling, gym, swimming, rifle and relay teams again brings up the question of the best means of bettering Harvard's minor sport teams. Men who are well acquainted with conditions here agree that the recognition, in some form, of a minor sports council would be of immediate aid to the present situation. With the proposed constitution referred back to the Student Council by the Athletic Committee "for further consideration and report," the fate of the minor sports organization depends largely on the attitude of the council.

Although an elaborately devised minor sports council does not seem necessary, an organization to which a representative of the minor sports on the Student Council would be responsible, does appear desirable. Without organization, the admittance to the Student Council of one or two minor sports men would mean, that only these one or two sports would be represented, instead of the common interests of all the sports.

An organization of the captains and managers of the sports in question, directly responsible to the Athletic Committee and the Student Council could do a great deal to advance minor sports by formulating propositions for training tables. "H's" for championship teams, and so forth. If this group were represented on the Student Council by a member whose duty it was to champion the proposals of the smaller council, there is no doubt that there would be at least an active sponsor for the interests of the lesser sports.

An organization of the men in closest touch with the minor sports would provide a sound basis for their representation on the Student Council and would encourage intelligent action for the betterment of the present lamentable conditions. Favorable action by the Student Council tomorrow will lend a helping hand to our languishing minor sports.