The Boston Y. M. C. A. Club of 1920 Loses 48-23

In a well-played game at the Hemenway Gymnasium last night, the fast Freshman basketball five outclassed the 1920 Club of the Boston Y. M. C. A. by the score of 48-23. From the very start the Yearlings showed their superiority, although the Y. M. C. A. boys caged a basket and a free throw before the 1924 outfit started their volley of baskets. By half time, however, the score stood with the Freshmen on top, 21-13. During the second period the Boston boys fought desperately but to no avail, for they were able to cage but three baskets and a foul shot, while the Yearling quintet piled up 27 points.

Throughout the game Captain Gordon showed his usual brilliance, playing a hard game on the floor, and shooting baskets from all parts of the court. D. H. Stevens also showed speed, and in the backfield E. L. Gehrke, a new man on the team, played a dashing game, working up and down the floor as well as keeping the Y. M. C. A. forwards well back in the court.

The summary: UNIVERSITY 1924.  BOSTON Y. M. C. A. Gordon, r.f.  l.g., Benson, Coljian, Berman Stevens, l.f.  r.g., Rogers Sipp, c.  c. Cox Gehrke, r.g.  l.f., Simonds, B. Binson Rudofsky, l.g.  r.f. Janes, Simonds

Score, Freshmen 48. 1920 Club of Y. M. C. A. 28. Baskets from the floor, Gordon 8. Stevens 5. B. Benson 5. Simonds 4. Sipp 8. Gehrke 2. Cox, Janes. Free throws, Gordon 9. Simonds 8. Cox. Referee, McGuinnis. Two twenty-minute periods.