"The Copy" Written by a Member of "English 47" in 1912-13 Carries Off $500 Prize. Production is Guaranteed

The annual competition at the University for the Morosco Prize, offered by Oliver Morosco, theatrical producer, for the best play written by a past or present member of "English 47," Professor George P. Baker's course in playwriting at the University and Radcliffe, has been won by Thomas P. Robinson, a practicing architect of Boston.

The play which wins the $500 prize and will shortly be produced by Mr. Morosco, according to the terms of the contest, is entitled "The Copy."

Mr. Robinson, its author, is a member of the architectural firm of Derby and Robinson. He took "English 47" at the University in 1912-13 and during the past few years has been intimately associated with the "47 Workshop," the dramatic laboratory at the University, acting as artistic adviser. He and Mr. Henry Hunt Clark of the Boston Art Museum have supervised the setting and design of plays produced by the Workshop.

The judges were Professor George P. Baker '87, Mr. Morosco, and Walter Prichard Eaton '00, the dramatic critic and author.

It is said that in all probability at least two other plays submitted in the competition will be accepted for production.

Last year the Morosco Prize was won by Miss Rachel B. Butler, whose winning play, "Mamma's Affair", had a long run in New York. Other University prize plays in the past which have had successful runs have been Frederick Ballard's "Believe Me, Xantippe," and Cleves Kinkead's "Common Clay," each of which won the Craig Prize given in other years under conditions similar to those of the Morosco Prize.