What Is Going On Today

8.45.--Daily Chapel: The Reverend James Gordon Gilkey '12 will conduct services.

3.00.--Harvard Dames: Organ Recital in Appleton Chapel by Professor A. T. Davison '06.

4.30.--Fogg Art Museum: Lecture on Florentine Engraving by Mr. Fitz-Roy Carrington.

6.30.--Phi Beta Kappa: Undergraduate Dinner at the Union. Professor T. N. Carver speaks.

7.00.--Student Council: Meets in Union.

7.00.--Cercle Francais: Meets in Grays 17.

8.00.--Glee Club: Concert at North Avenue Baptist Church, North Cambridge.

8.00.--Spanish Club: The Honorable Enrique Naranjo will speak in Conant Hall Common Room.