Lampy and Mother Advocate Left Far Behind--Over One Hundred Participate in Winter Carnival Races--1924 Wins Ten-Man Class Relay

Two relay races, the Crimson-Advocate-Lampoon contest and the Interclass event, were the features of the Winter Carnival, which was held on the board track at Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. Despite a cold drizzle, over a hundred men reported and took part in the meet which was the last event of the University winter track season. The Freshmen who were entered in this handicap track carnival scored the greatest number of points, amassing a total of 37 while the Sophomores stood second with 26 to their credit and the Juniors and Seniors trailed with 18 apiece. These totals include the points scored in the field events which were held on Tuesday.

Publications Have Dispute

Coach W. J. Bingham '16 was appointed arbiter in the Crimson-Advocate-Lampoon contest, because a prolonged and heated discussion between the representatives of the three publications as to the distance that each man should run threatened to result in a discontinuance of diplomatic relations. The humorists who claimed that they had only been training for two hours objected seriously to running more than a lap apiece; the scribes who had been training conscientiously for two months in anticipation of this classic event maintained that each man should run at least two laps and preferably three; the literary men, believing that discretion was the better part of valor, wisely refrained from expressing an opinion. As a compromise, Coach Bingham, decided that the distance should be a lap and a half.

Winning the flip of the coin, R. W. Harwood ocC., the Crimson lead-off man took the pole. From the time the gun was fired until A. H. Gordon '23, running anchor for the scribes, broke the tape, the Crimson representatives led the procession in spite of the fact that two fast men who were not members of the comic publication ran for Lampy.

Interclass Relay Close

The Interclass relay race between ten-man teams from each class was fraught with many mishaps and proved to be a fitting climax to the festivities. On several occasions runners were pushed off the track and forced to spring along on the ground for a few yards. First one class and then another held the lead, the Freshmen finally winning.

The results of the track events, with the handicaps, are as follows:

40-Yard Dash. Won by C. B. Butter field '21 (8 feet); second C. J. Hamlin unC. (9 feet); third, J. M. Hoffman '28 (4 feet). Time, 4 2-5 seconds.

40-Yard Hurdles. Won by C. A. Hauers '23 (scratch); second, J. F. Monke '24 (9 feet); third, A. Hiuckley '24 (12 feet). Time 5 3-5 seconds.

800-Yard Dash Won by C. B. Newhall '23 (35 feet); second, C. B. Butterfield '21 (25 feet); third, A. Hinckley '24 (30 feet). Time 34 1-5 seconds.

1000-Yard Run.--Won by R. B. Barton '22 (35 feet); second, W. C. Bennett '23 (scratch) third, D. Wallace '24 (30 feet). Time, 2 minutes and 24 4-5 seconds.

600-Yard Run.--Won by W. L. Galvin '24 (50 feet); second, J. M. Juttee '24 (35 feet); third, R. N. Johnson '22 (15 feet). Time, 1 minute and 17-15 seconds.

Mile Run.--Won by C. Lamont '24 (90 feet); second, A. L. Coburn '24 (70 feet); third, R. A. Lutz '24 (50 feet). Time, 4 minutes and 31 seconds.

Crimson-Advocate-Lampoon Relay Race.--Won by Crimson (R. W. Harwood ocC., J. R. Flather '23, John Shepley '21, A. H. Gordon '23); second, Lampoon (J. D. Merwin '21, P. L. Romaine '22, C. W. Baker '22, J. T. Baldwin '21); third, Advocate (J. F. Leys '21, R. E. Larsen '21, C. B. Gulick Jr. '21, H. S. P. Rowe '22). Time, 1 minute and 41 seconds.

Interclass Relay Race (ten men on a team).--Won by Freshmen: second, Juniors; third, Seniors; fourth, Sophomores.

Final Score. Freshmen 37, Sophomores 26, Juniors 18, Seniors 18