Many Preparatory School Stars on Squad--W. B. Felton '20 to Assist Coach Young With Pitchers

After the first week of outdoor practice, Coach William B. Young '13 believes he has the material in the forty Freshmen retained on the squad, for an even better yearling baseball team than he turned out last year. The week has been spent in weeding out the inferior players rather than in picking twelve or fourteen men to constitute a first team. For this reason only a very indefinite idea can be had of the strongest line-up. Coach Young has put several different combinations through practice games this week.

Unlike the University squad, several men are included in the 1924 squad who have shown promise of forming a strong pitching staff. Because of the copious supply of catchers, K. N. Hill, who last year played at the receiving end of the battery at Roxbury Latin School, and A. S. Rogers, a second baseman form Middlesex have shifted to moundsmen.

The catching department is perhaps the strongest part of the squad at present, and rather than have good men on the bench, one or two catcher aspirants for this position may be trained for infield or outfield positions. E. L. Gherke, L. C. Larrabee and C. R. Brown have shown the greatest ability at this position so far.

Thomas Campbell is the leading candidate for first base, although L. F. Brigham is also a strong contender for this position. For second a choice between Harrison Gardner, who played at Groton for two years, and R. P. Bullard, a former Exeter player, will be difficult. R. M. Clough, formerly of Andover, will probably be chosen for shortstop. Percy Jenkins, a star for two years at Mercersburg, and J. J. Lee, Milton third baseman, afford experienced material at that corner of the diamond.

For outfielders Coach Young will have T. S. Carnegie, former heavy-hitting Middlesex third baseman, Louis Gordon, Freshman basketball leader, T. L. Mullen and L. B. Lockwood.

W. B. Felton '20, star twirler of the Yale series last spring, has been assisting Coach Young with the pitchers.