Massachusetts Department of Education to Hold Meetings in University Buildings Today and Tomorrow

The Massachusetts Department of Education has announced that a state conference of high school principals will be held today and tomorrow with meetings in various buildings of the University. The sessions this morning and afternoon are especially for principals and superintendents of high schools of fewer than 150 or 200 pupils, while the dinner this evening and the sessions tomorrow morning and afternoon are for representatives of all high schools.

High school principals are requested to participate in the discussions. Each speaker will be assigned a time limit to insure opportunity for such participation. All persons desiring to attend the buffet luncheons either today or tomorrow, or the dinner tonight, all of which will be held at the Union, should notify C. D. Kingsley at the State House in Boston.

In the session this morning which will be held at 9.30 in Sanders Theatre, sections 188 of the preliminary draft of the "Manual for High Schools" will be presented and discussed. In the afternoon session which will be held at 2 o'clock in Emerson A. Sections 9 to 16 of the manual will be considered.

In the meetings tomorrow morning at 9.30 in Sanders Theatre, Dean Holmes of the Graduate School of Education will give an address of welcome. After this, the various administrative problems of high school work, and the reorganization of science in secondary schools will be discussed.