Was Curator of Anatomical Museum For More Than Forty Years--Well Known as Anatomist

Dr. William Fiske Whitney '71, Curator of the Warren Anatomical Museum at the Medical School, died yesterday morning at his home. 228 Marlborough Street, Boston, in his seventy-first year.

Dr. Whitney was born in Boston on March 26, 1850, and after his graduation from the University in 1871 went through the Medical School, taking his M.D. in 1875. After a short term his house officer at the Massachusetts General Hospital he went to Europe for three years of study. Since 1879 he had been curator of the anatomical museum.

During the years 1883-90 Dr. Whitney served as secretary of the Harvard Faculty of Medicine, and from 1891 to 1901, when there was a Harvard Veterinary School, he was its professor of parasites and parasitic diseases.

He was a remarkably able anatomist, and was widely known to the public through the fact that he was called in to testify in many murder trials where it was suspected that poisoning had taken place and the judgment of an expert anatomist was desired.

His two sons are both Harvard men, Lyman F. Whitney '10 and William Elliott Whitney '17.


The funeral of Dr. Whitney will be held at the Mt. Auburn Chapel on Monday at 2 P. M.